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About the App

About the Application

Beepz.me is the app to make sure you don't miss out on anything again.

Don't miss the next sale at your favourite store, the next time your favourite band is doing a gig, what's happening at the festival or event, never forget payment dates, renewals, appointments and much, much more.

Beepz can save you money, time and ensures you never miss anything again.

Beepz.me uses QR code technology to make this happen. Using the built-in scanner, just scan the beepz.me QR codes when you see them in shops, on products, on TV, billboards, posters, emails, letters, bills etc. You then receive the information and reminder you want, on the specified day or time, through the app. That's it, simple as that and the best thing, it's FREE!

No more typing into a calendar, no more writing in a diary and no more just plainly forgetting!

Beepz.me is more than just the above. You can connect with a company whenever you see the beepz.me logo. All you need to do is scan their beepz QR code and you will get their latest information, offers, deals, timetables, delay information etc.

The great thing is, you control beepz.me, you choose what you scan and the information you want to receive. You can cancel the link at any time, just delete them from your 'My Beepz'. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Open, Scan, Receive, Enjoy.

Never miss anything again!

About the Website

About the Website

Beepz.me is a new way to communicate, inform, update and remind customers and consumers via their mobile devices.

Email, text, voice calls and social media are all great established ways to connect.

We set out to create a new form of communication channel to evolve text and email to the next generation, focusing on mobile delivery and one that is very useful for all. We created beepz.me.

By adopting the latest technologies and trends, we have created a simple, intelligent, live and personal way to deliver "active" information to consumers.

Under the brand, beepz.me, we have developed a website, unique software, API and consumer facing App which allows any business or organisation to create a "live" communication link with their consumers.

We use unique QR code technology to allow this new form of intelligent communication to be generated in a very simple manner.

Beepz.me is the first universal application which provides a truly beneficial real world use for QR codes. The fact is that QR codes are the simplest and most effective route to engage and take someone to the digital world. No need to get their mobile phone number or email address ever again. We have developed the easiest way for you and your customers to connect.

Beepz.me is a helpful new tool that can be used to provide a method of remembering payment dates, renewals, appointments, events, offers and much more. It can help in many ways but can help to save time and money.

A real advantage is that the information delivered can either be generic or individually tailored so it is bespoke to the recipient. The system is fully automated, scalable and intelligent.

Beepz.me enables you to provide the information you want to the customers that want it. With a single scan of your Beepz QR code you can connect with your customers and provide them with information, news, updates and much more, whilst they are on location, at home, elsewhere, now or in the future.